What is a flower? Its true definition is plant whose seeds are characteristic of a specific flower family. But it can be more than that. It is the meaning of life for many of us. The beauty of a flower is in it’s beauty, variety, color, form, and flower obsessiveness. It also sparkles the essence of romance and happiness for many of us. We could talk on and on and on about the many ways that flowers have guided man. But it is the significance of flowers in our lives that has made them so interesting to us. Even the meaning of life cannot be ignored when it comes to the beauty of flowers.

In wherever you go there is a flower, waiting to be picked and used, as they say. Even nature has challenged nature and God by making us to have a flower obsession. It is the essence of a flower to inspire some of the most magnificent ways that people have made their mark on our lives.

In France for instance, the word for ‘bouquet’ comes from their word bouquet. Everywhere around the world, it appears as though bouquet is the way to do things. Everywhere you look to at the present. Even the shopping streets where you roam, as you pass a flower shop, you are enticed by the beauty of flowers of all shapes and sizes, all colors and varieties.

In many other places in the world, the use of flowers is as important to the social culture as it is in our own American culture. It consequently appears as the state of life and beauty in many different cultures. The flowers in the local park, garden or in a border land of your country are as a sign of union of people and states.

In Nigeria, flowers are significant in many occasions. By the end of your Preparation for your Adam fairs like the coming of marriage and culminating your wedding in your new husband’s gro vas it is a true act that has won you a wife. Your wife will ensure that your marriage is a strong one.

Nigerian women partake in a traditional practice call ‘reading the flower’ indicating the choice of her affection. This is a high status event. It signifies her ability to understand the flower blooms. Another flower ritual in Nigeria is the reading of the character traits of men whom they intend to marry. Its members can choose the character traits of the several men in the community. The most popular character traits are, macho, jolly and dancing to name a few.

In short, flowers mean a whole lot more than just something pretty to look at. They have true significance and meaning that is totally dependent on the specific society and culture. But as a whole, there is no doubt that flowers are a huge part of the world, and something that should truly be cherished, even in their less common forms. If we can truly see both their outer and inner beauty, then we will have succeeded in fully understanding the power of flowers.