Are you looking for a gift to really sweep her off of her feet? Don’t want to get her something super tacky like a giant stuffed teddy bear, or a sex toy that despite the best attempts of Blissful Cherry is less romantic than it appears on the surface? The only solution is to rely on the tried and true method of gifting flowers!

But before you just go out and get some flowers, take a second to think through your strategy. After all, if you want to gift a bouquet of flowers to someone very near and dear to you, you should do your best to make it a truly unique and special gift. Thankfully this new approach to gifting flowers can help you out in this regard!

First, choose a simple, modest-looking bouquet, no matter how tempted you may be to go for something totally over the top.

It’s that simple. Pick an ordinary, white, black, or sea green bouquet with plain white or beige centerpieces if your flowers are for no particular special occasion. If there is a special occasion that you are celebrating, you can select a color or arrangement that is more fitting, but all the while keeping everything totally modest. Arranging a simple bouquet that you think your partner will enjoy is all you really need.

Then, leave them in a conspicuous place for your spouse to happen open when they get home or get back into the office.

This element of surprise is a great way to change things up, and will definitely make their heart melt, as long as you do it right as outlined above.

Also consider leaving a heartfelt note in an envelope to really bring the entire element of surprise, and the entire gift together. Anyone can get their supposed loved ones flowers but it takes real heart to open up and express your feelings in written form.

Make sure to really plan ahead when it comes to gifting flowers. Although you may have the best idea in the world, if you don’t give yourself enough time to figure out which flower company to go to for your flowers, you may miss your opportunity.

After all, even the best and most beautiful flowers on the planet lose their appeal if they are presented after the special event or occasion. So don’t be late and you can ensure that your flowers send a real powerful message to your loved on!