Why do we ask you to choose a flower bouquet carefully? It is because every flower in a flower bouquet symbolizes something and gives a hidden message.

The first flower is the carnation, and the red ones in particular. The red color signifies affection, as well as prosperity, the strength and vitality of a person, or the triumph over difficulties and challenges in life, a good fortune, success, a pleasure or amusement, a warm feeling, a good mood or an exhilarating feeling.

In addition, the red in a carnation bouquet symbolizes the heavens and the stars.

The pink carnation, said to remind the well of phlegm, is believed to be a good omen for the future.

The second flower is the geranium which symbolizes communication, and its color of red symbolizes the participation in communication, and so it is said red in a red geranium bouquet signifies courage or knowledge.

The third flower is the jasmine which symbolizes peace and rest, and is thought of as a lotus, and its color of red symbolizes the lotus, the immortality of the soul, and so it is a nice symbolic color for our religion of Buddhism.

The fourth flower is the orchid which symbolizes the body of humans, so if you want people to be mischievous, you should utilize the orchid.

The fifth and final flower is the white rose which symbolizes the color of peace with a mineral gold finish, and as such it is a beautiful color for a traditional green silk carnation arrangement.

Although these are just a few of the flowers with well-defined symbolism, the many other flowers out there can have their own unique meanings, and can be added to make different arrangements too. The white carnation flowers, for example, can be arranged to represent the old age and death, and the white flowers symbolize peace and innocence, unless you are posing with flowers of democracy, poverty or tyranny. And the white rose flowers could represent youth, full of hope, goodness, beauty and youthfulness until they become barren.

So be very selective of which types of flowers you purchase, and use their inherent and unique deeper meanings to select a collection of flowers that is perfect for whomever you intend to give them to!